Educational Farm

La nostra fattoria accoglie volentieri i bambini. In alcune giornate dell’anno sarà possibile visitare la fattoria gratuitamente e liberamente (che verranno segnalate nell’area eventi oppure sulla nostra pagina facebook la fattoria sarà aperta al pubblico) , altrimenti la visita durante tutto l’anno sarà riservata solo per i clienti del ristorante.

Per scuole o gruppi che vogliano invece concordare una giornata didattica contattare Adriano al 3460126573.

Questi alcuni dei nostri percorsi:

DSC09295Visit the farm and animals

We will visit the great spaces of the farm with its large courtyard and through a guided tour you will come in close contact with many animals: horse, pony, ass, cows, pigs, rabbits, goats, sheep and poultry.

IMG_7054Walk to the river Po

Through ruts and levees (10 minutes) we arrive on the banks of the Po, where you can safely enjoy its course.

IMG_5125 - Copia Museum of civilization

In the rooms of the old farmhouse, where once lived the families of peasants, was a small museum with tools and objects used in the past in the company.


IMG_0383Draw with nature and with seeds

During the day the children will collect small natural objects ( leaves, legnetti,feathers etc.) which will then be used together with PVA glue crayons and especially seeds of many varieties for compIMG_7260orre an image on the day.

Jelly pig

Children will learn to knead flour of different types and playing decorate the mixture will get jelly prefDSC05573Erita pigs

The tomato plant

children will learn to repot a plant which can then take home

The homemade pasta

The kidsIMG_2072mpareranno to knead and to fulfill the typical movement of the hands to create pisarei.

Other laboratories can be agreed at the time of booking

Theatrical activity

IMG_0858A show involving children on a journey to explore the farm with a guide and an actor / musician that together create an addictive game, to find out what he has to give away the nature. During the show, the children are called to intervene in the emotional and musical, feeling decisive for the course of history, and becoming protagonists of the place and of what happens.

Possibilità di pranzare in loco su prenotazione con le preparazioni della cucina dell’agriturismo.

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